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Special Thanks

This page is dedicated to all the wonderful people who have had a hand in making Portland Code School the wonderful place it is today. For your dreams, your time, and your heart, we thank you sincerely.

Chuck Lauer Vose

Founder of Portland Code School and Former Instructor
Chuck is an inspirational instructor with a great breadth and depth of knowledge. He's such an excellent person, he can't help but enable those around him to also be excellent.

Erica Lauer Vose

Founding Director of Portland Code School
Erica is a brilliant, detail-oriented orchestrator of programs. With a kind heart and a gentle soul, wherever she goes in this world, good things will follow.

Omid Rahmat

Burnside Digital
As head of Burnside Digital, Omid's vision and wherewithal provided the critical backing and commitment to make this happen. He continues to provide visionary guidance and key backing to the outgrowth of this enterprise.

Pete Kinnecom, Rachel Sakry, Matt Danskey

Portland Code School
The first group of students, the guinea pigs. I have no words for the depth of gratitude we have towards this trio and we love seeing them flourish in their new careers!

Additional Thanks To: