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Mobile Development with iOS

Mobile Development with iOS

Dates: November 3 - March 5 (includes a 2 week holiday break)

Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 6 PM - 9 PM + 1 Saturday/month

We are piloting our iOS class, which starts November 3rd, and we need your help! In return for your help, we are offering the class at 50% off!

All we ask in return for this huge discount, is that you fill out 2 surveys (for feedback), and participate at 100% (that is, do your best!).

In 16 weeks, you’ll spend time immersed in iOS—designing spectacular interfaces in Xcode, writing conventional code in Objective-C and Cocoa, practicing unit testing and source control, and implementing industry best practices. Through our network of tech companies and partners, you’ll directly interface with agencies in the Portland area who are actively looking for iOS developers.

Currently, there are nearly 150 open iOS jobs in the Portland area alone! iOS is in demand.

If you love the idea of building apps; if you love the mobile world; if you want to do this for a living...learn it now!

Get Started!

  • $3995 Base Price:
  • $4995 Payment Plan Price:

  • Basic knowledge of object-oriented programming in any language
  • GitHub account or portfolio that demonstrates your coding or development experience
If you're not sure if you're ready, go ahead and apply! We'll talk to you more in depth about your technical experience as part of the application process.

Course Outline:

  • Week 1: Course Introduction, Overview of iOS and MVC; Developer Portland and Xcode Basics
  • Week 2: Objective-C Fundamentals - Objects, Syntax, Classes, Categories; Objective-C Fundamentals - NSObject, UIKit
  • Week 3: Unit testing and clean code; View Controllers, Lifecycle, and Navigation
  • Week 4: Interface Builder - Child controllers, containers, and tab controller; Views and Gestures
  • Week 5: Core Graphics; Protocols, Notifications, Blocks, Animations
  • Week 6: Animations and Auto Layout; UIDynamics, Scroll views
  • Week 7: Open QA, Review; Multiple MVCs - child controllers, containers, and tab controller
  • Week 8: Table Views; Collection Views
  • Week 9: MultiThreading; Networking
  • Week 10: Working with local data - Documents and Core Data; Presenting data - Core Data and Table View
  • Week 11: Core Location, MapKit; UI activity sharing
  • Week 12: Camera, Actionsheet, Core motion, Alerts, Sharing; App Brainstorm
  • Week 13: Open QA, Review; iPad, iPhone, Universal - Multiple storyboards, reusable code
  • Week 14: Capstone App work
  • Week 15: Capstone App work
  • Week 16: Preparing you app for distribution; Wrap up