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Front End Development

Front End

Dates: January 17 - May 8

Hours: Monday / Wednesday / Friday, 9am - Noon + one Saturday per month (9am - Noon)

This comprehensive course gives you everything you need to start a career in front-end web development. In this fast-paced, project-based 16-week course, you will learn all the skills necessary for web application front-end design and development.

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Course Outcomes:

  • Designing web site look, feel, and functionality based on client requirements
  • Understanding basic principles of user interface design and user experience patterns
  • Constructing web sites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery
  • Styling modern, fresh-looking designs with CSS3 and SASS
  • Creating responsive designs that work on phones, tablets, or traditional laptops and wide-screen monitors.
  • Using frameworks like Bootstrap
  • Using JavScript and jQuery to provide interactivity and engaging user experiences
  • Using content-management systems like WordPress to speed development
  • Collaborating with development teams using GitHub
  • Understanding how to succeed in the full time employment and freelance job market
  • Developing self-motivated job skills for working at home and delivering on time

The course embodies several themes:

  • Standards-based, validated code
  • Web site client analysis, information architecture, site design, construction, deployment and maintenance
  • Using frameworks and libraries to develop web sites
  • Working in pairs, on teams, and as a member of the community
  • Career preparation - time management, portfolio development, presenting your work, making business connections, interviewing, collaborating on projects
  • Project management - time management, effective teamwork, iterative and agile development strategies
  • Life-long learning strategies - identifying information sources, reading code, developing mentoring relationships

General schedule

  • Month 1 - HTML/CSS basics, validation, simple sites, editing tools, pair programming, teamwork, community
  • Month 2 - Advanced HTML/CSS, SASS, working with audio and video, static site generators, responsive design, web frameworks (Bootstrap), JavaScript programming basics
  • Month 3 - Specifying web applications with user stories and wireframes, more JavaScript, creating interactivity with jQuery, AJAX, and APIs; career guidance: portfolios, collaboration
  • Month 4 - Capstone project design and construction, job hunting skills, pitching your project, making technical presentations and mentoring others in the community

  • $3995 Base Price:
  • $4995 Payment Plan Price:

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