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Change your career while being a parent!

Coders With Kids program

Parents of young children don't get a lot of breaks. We believe that parents who want to change their lives in meaningful ways should be given the opportunity. Changing one's career is always challenging, but with child(ren) that challenge is compounded. Learning to program requires many things, and one of them is extended periods of concentration – a luxury few parents are afforded. That's why we came up with our Coders With Kids program.

Once enrolled in a qualifying PCS class (Full Stack JavaScript ​classes or iOS Mobile), parents are allocated a pool of resources to apply towards childcare at the licensed provider of their choice. Portland Code School will implement a direct invoicing system with the participating childcare provider to apply funding towards childcare costs, on a monthly basis, during the period of enrollment.

To sign up for this program simply mark the 'Coders with Kids' checkbox on your enrollment form, when you are ready to sign up for the qualifying class.

To get more information about the program please contact: ​

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.