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About Portland Code School

PCS is dedicated to delivering high quality educational opportunities for people, preparing them for jobs in the tech industry as web developers.

A Brief History

Portland Code School launched its first class in September 2012, as an offshoot of development shop Burnside Digital, under the guidance of Chuck Lauer Vose, who saw a growing gap between the skills attainable through local colleges and the skills necessary to be a successful software developer in the business world. Since then, PCS has developed a broad curriculum of the most in-demand programming courses, and continues to place more than 90% of its graduates with employers throughout the area.

About Our Programs

Portland Code School's experienced instructors provide excellent learning opportunities for both beginning and experienced web developers.

During the class, students learn through a variety of methods:

  • Classroom experience
  • Screencasts and online tutorials
  • Project-based learning
  • Pair programming
  • Reading the docs
  • Community events

Our classes range from 4-week workshops such as Data Visualization and the Primer, to 3- and 4-month programs such as Full Stack JavaScript and iOS Development.

The PCS Community

By cultivating relationships with companies and individuals, PCS strives to be a positive force in the local tech arena by sponsoring and hosting events such as Hack + Help, Women Who Code, and UnityPDX that are of interest to the tech community.

To foster a healthy learning environment, Through a variety of interactive games and activities, we nurture skills such as:

  • Giving and receiving feedback professionally
  • Solving problems in groups sanely
  • Leadership and Followship
  • Building trust with colleagues
  • Asking for and offering help