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Build the skills you want with the support you need.

Portland Code School is the place to build the skills you need to get a job programming. We provide an intensive learning environment that will meet you where you are and take you where you want to go. Learn more about us.

Free childcare for all Portland Code School students, on your schedule!

Have kids? Finding it hard to find the time to go to school and study? Portland Code School's unique Coders with Kids program makes it easy to update your skills or return to the workforce while keeping your family life in balance and achieving all your life goals. And, our Front End Freelancing class is designed specifically to help you build a work-from-home web development freelance career.

Full-Stack JavaScript

Learn how to build web applications and interactive website features from scratch using JavaScript. It's easy to learn, yet provides sophisticated object-oriented strength. You will learn both front-end and back-end applications of JavaScript, including popular front-side libraries likejQuery as well as cutting-edge backend technologies like BackboneJS and NodeJS. Every web application needs JavaScript, and the demand for JavaScript developers is only growing!

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Ruby on Rails

Learn to build interactive and dynamic web applications using Ruby on Rails. We start with a one month intensive on Ruby. After that, you start building your portfolio - command line scripts, database utilities, web applications -- and take a deep dive into the Rails framework, culminating with a capstone project that you'll be proud to show employers. We emphasize team-oriented, project based practice so that you'll have both the people skills and technical chops you need.

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Web Development Primer

Hit the road running with our Primer course. Learn how to use the tools of a professional developer, and get a grasp on the underlying concepts of the Internet. This class assumes students have little or no experience with web technologies such as writing code for the web, so if you're new to coding, this is the place to start!

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Front End Freelancing

This comprehensive course gives you everything you need to start a freelance career in front-end web development. In this fast-paced, project-based course, you will learn all the skills necessary for web application front-end design and development. You learn the soft skills necessary to achieve work/life balance while working on client teams and delivering quality work.

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